The children...
Giovanna Natalie - 10/9/96
Giovanna (Gi-Gi) is our eldest daughter and was adopted at the age of five months from St. Kitts.  Gi-Gi loves to cook and bake and looks for any opportunity to be in the kitchen.  Believe it or not, she says she likes to clean as well!  She likes to read the Elsie Dinsmore series and is excited about learning to sew and play the piano.  She is a wonderful help to her mommy and is learning how to be an excellent wife and mother someday.  Her younger sister, Naomi, absolutely adores her.  Naomi especially likes when Gi-Gi fixes her hair with braids or curls.  Gi-Gi says that she hopes to be a missionary (hopefully in an orphanage) someday. 
Scott Michael Jr. - 6/24/98
Scott Jr (Scottie) is our eldest son and was born while we were living in St. Kitts.  He is maturing and growing into quite a young man.  He is a very big help to Daddy with any project, big or small.  He thoroughly enjoys horses and anything related to the farm.  He tells us that he wants to take over the farm when he grows up.
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of his interest in spiritual things and his example to his younger siblings.  Although he's got some growing to do, he's well on his way to becoming a strong leader and a man of Godly character. 
Noah David - 5/18/00
Noah likes to make the family laugh with his jokes and antics.  He always looks for ways to make people laugh and brighten their day.  He isn't really fond of school although he does very well in all his subjects.
Noah loves every opportunity he can get to go to the veterinary hospital with Daddy.  He says that he would like to become the Dr. Noah that takes over Daddy's practice (Noah's Ark Animal Hospital) when he grows up.
Joshua Alden - 12/22/01
Joshua has recently become daddy's little helper.  He often is eager to help Daddy on projects and looks for ways to learn new skills.  Joshua was especially excited about the arrival of his youngest sister, Leah.  He is really looking forward to being a big brother to her and lets everyone know that she's his "buddy".
His other buddy is our pony, "Amos".  He absolutely adores Amos and loves any chance to be in the barn or pasture with him.  In fact, Joshua says he wants to be an equine veterinarian (horse doctor) when he grows up.
Caleb Dennis - 5/16/04
Caleb is our quiet but joyful little boy.  Until he gets to know you, he tends to be shy and reserved, but warms up easily.  He likes to team up with Uriah and Naomi to ferret out mischief wherever it is.  It really is cute to watch the three of them in their adventures outdoors on our farm.  He likes to help Daddy when we bale hay and is always looking for an opportunity to ride with Daddy on the tractor.
Uriah Benjamin - 7/28/05
Uriah definately qualifies as our "Dennis the menace" as trouble finds him, even when he's not looking for it.  We mean this quite affectionately as he doesn't have a mean bone in his body, he is quite simply "all boy".  He is very energetic and a little rambunctious at times, but that all really stems from his very curious and inquisitive nature.
Mommy and Daddy alway say that if we can simply channel Uriah's energy in the right direction, he will do great things for God someday! 
Naomi Ruth - 10/22/07
Naomi was the "little sister" until recently, when she became the "little big sister" - that is she is now the big sister to her little sister Leah.  She is Daddy's little princess and knows just how to melt his heart with her cute smile.
Naomi likes to join in with Caleb and Uriah in whatever their latest adventure might be.  At times she can have a little stubborn streak about her, and we like to joke around about which parent she may have inherited that from.  Her giggle is absolutely delightful especially when she asks for a "tickle hug" at bedtime.  She is so excited about her new little sister Leah and tells us that she is "my baby, Leah".
Leah Ralanda - 7/3/11
Leah is the smallest member of our family and what a delight she is.  She presented new challenges to our family as she was born 9 weeks premature and spent the first 4 1/2 weeks of her life in the neonatal intensive care unit.  Since her arrival home she is doing well and all of her siblings are thrilled to hold and love her.  She hasn't really told us much yet about her likes and her plans for the future, but we're sure that she will, in time.
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